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About Atlas Cooling Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems Atlas is a company that specializes in the sale of refrigeration, design, assembly after assembly and maintenance, was established in Turkey in Istanbul in 2001.

Today, the Atlas CS works in 3 continents, 35 countries and the day opens new 70% of the annual turnover is exported.The Atlas Cooling Systems serve very different areas for cooling and storage, food production processes at different stages both inside the country and abroad.

It is not only one of the leaders in Turkey's cooling systems, it also conducts successful projects with the first TKDK accredited institution and rural development agencies, grants and investment projects, thereby expanding the scope of its activities.

The Atlas worldwide with its thousands of equipment ensures profitability In various industries and qualitatively serves its customers after the sale.

Also we have representative offices in Germany, Cyprus, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Our company provides services for the sale of refrigeration storage, design, installation and maintenance after assembly in all European, Asian and African countries.

For 15 years of experience in its field, CS Atlas adheres to the principle of quality service provision to customers. Without changing our principles of quality customer service, our company is focused on a wide field of activity in its specialization. We have repeatedly proven our quality of service and design.

  • Mission
  • In the field of our activities - the main mission, first of all, respect the clients and society, follow the economic and moral principles of the global market, maintain health and environmental safety, thus meeting the expectations of our customers and employees as best as possible.
  • Vision
  • To preserve the quality of products and services, to be the customer's first preference, to become the leader of Turkey among the firms on industrial cooling. In our country, we value education, health, the environment and historical values, on the basis of these points we want to contribute to the public good.